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Jazon Panther. Ph.D.

Well-known Member
Jan 13, 2021
Atlantis & the Endless Isles

The Wolves of the Left have executed a government coup. Are we going to stand for it?

We are still uncertain how we are going to fight back. The Enemy has us in an institutional headlock. Unified action seems impossible — where do we land solid punches? The Right has fantastic reserves of power. We will come up with strategies, and being Conservatives, they will be very efficient and effective. We are more used to self-denial than our opponents, who mostly deny themselves the pleasure of thinking.

Facebook is one of the wings of the Leftist propaganda machine. It is powerful, but not too powerful to wound if not kill. We don't need it, never did, but it was easy. It is not easy anymore, nor efficient. We need to kill it if we can, or make it a baseless platform in search of a (group) leg to stand on.

Collectively we should cease to use it for anything other than fighting the great opposition. I often repost my GABs there, and they continue to "punish" me and time me out for periods of time. Soon I will be totally axed. That is what a guerilla warrior behind enemy lines would expect, so why take it personally?

This is only one of many ways we can refuse to support and cooperate with our enemy — the enemy within our gates. Let us vow to continue the pressure until censorship and oppresion are overcome!


Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
I love Gab. Lots of good people, like minded on there, not afraid to say words and then get a bunch of crybabies asking for people to be banned for free speech. Seriously everything is there and barely a handful get all offended and cry like babies because wah a word, book, text, photos etc was mentioned.

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