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Made in the U.S.A

Senior Member
Feb 19, 2021
So before our great President Reagan was President he was tackling Hollywood elites brainwashing corruption and working upward till elected toward rebuilding the nation. Then what...then we get Bush, then Clinton’s , I remember these times well. I went from shopping in a Sam Walmart where only made in the USA products were bought and sold to finding only made in China garbage that “seems always has lead paints and numerous other safety risk”. We must take note of those in gov positions during this and where they are now and remember canceli culture had already begun then on the internet . Like trying to find Ollie N being scoffed and ridiculed by Gore ,then senator, for concern of his family from bin Ladin. Yes it WAS on you tube then disappeared as he campaign was launched, that groups been scrubbing for years!!! Erasing our history!!! Trump must have worried these retic deep state crooks when he announced something to the effect of looking into the states community non profit group or something to that effect...

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