“Hollywood” influencers advocate REVOKING our right to speak!

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Feb 6, 2021

When I “heard” this on Friday, I had to “circle back” and investigate. I, only, have so many “daily f¥cks“ to give, anymore.

This issue seemed worthy...

Take a moment, as this pic is just “the tease” — but (the) body language, yeah?

“Maybe a pic is worth...”

Let’s see...


Things have been snowballing out of control since “Feeble and Kneepads” (have) illegally usurped the U.S.A. (by all “legitimate” accounts) and occupied the PEOPLES’ House — The WHITE HOUSE, circa 20 Jan 2021.

Since “THE STEAL,” it seems that “wrong-think” has accelerated and become mainstream. This is America, however, and NO ONE should EVER be concerned about being “muzzled.” Vets, Active, R & IRR have ALL “fought” (and many continue to “fight”) to ensure that: ALL U.S. Citizens are allowed to speak and (that) no one should EVER be “shut-off” from FREE SPEECH!

For members of the U.S. Military, please remember that you are covered by the UCMJ, and thusly comport to a different standard when it comes to speech.



That said, without your sacrifice...

*“The best kind of speech is that with which I most ardently disagree — and we should ALL be willing to fight to ensure that our (U.S.) 1st Amendment, Constitutional RIGHT is NEVER: “‘curtailed,’” “‘caveated,’” or “‘abridged.’”

(*loosely quoted and otherwise inspired by Voltaire)

To my “brothers in arms”: Although things have RADICALLY changed since 11/3/2020, “hold your frame.” (R. Cooper) “Stay in your lane” and “keep it close to the vest.” We are not a “Banana Republic,” despite all (recent) evidence pointing to the contrary. “These issues” will be “sorted” by those “above your pay grade” (BHO). Although it may seem (that) we are witnessing 2 leaders suffering from “cognitive decline” (Biden & LtG Honoré), this is not your battle. Focus on YOU and achieve YOUR excellence! (R. Cooper).

Back to point: “They” are not just trying to “purge” the U.S. military, Disney seems adamant about normalising “Abnormal Behaviour,” as they re-write, “established” canon, and EPITOMISE the very hypocrisy they claim to renounce. They flat-out LIE (now), as a matter of course, and (literally) ERASE beloved characters and the ACTORS that portrayed them! I’m, almost, apoplectic. What’s worse is that “Hollywood” has “aided and abetted this ‘crime.’” The Great Reset (agenda) is here and unapologetically IN YOUR FACE!

Do not accept this attempt at a “societal re-set.” Do not buy into this attempt at erasing the AMERICAN-tapestry that has made us great! Stay on your game. Hold true to your American values and accept nothing less, so that when “your number is called,” you’ll be “above suspicion” and ready to “answer that call!” If you have concerns about someone or something “in question,” remember: “it’s WHAT they DO, and NOT what they SAY,” that “tells the tale!” Every-time. Period.

Regardless, stay informed. Always pursue truth - “signal not noise!” (Bannon). Don’t be afraid to ask (yourself) why the following Man-boys (Dorsey, Zuck, Pichai, Bezos & Cooke) are so intimidated by (YOUR ACCESS) to free speech.

...or why Mark Cuban or (this) Lex Jurgen (character)...

...worry about (YOU) hearing OUR National Anthem!

Mark (it seems) has “$old out” to (his) corporate overlords (The CCP) and revealed “the quiet part aloud” (War Room “Braintrust”) which involves the entire NBA, actually (and sadly), via their actions — accidentally on purpose! I’ll let you decide about Lex Jurgen after reading: this post, his Twitter, and the vid below, essentially, addressing: ALL THE ABOVE.

Censorship is a slippery slope and until we reach a point where ALL freedom-loving Americans unite and “call” upon “our better selves” (W. Wordsworth) to “right” THIS wrong (all of these wrongs), our freedom of speech will continue to be THAT THING on which “they” will continue to infringe in order to control us.

[Aside: “Curtailing 2A rights” is next, but that’s for another post]

We must not “bend the knee!”


A world without Shakespeare, Folie Bergere, Moulin Rouge or the Beatles and Led Zeppelin’s double-entendres — a world with no Steely Dan or Billy Joel is one where Aerosmith would never be allowed to record the song: “Walk this Way.” Ask yourself this: Would Pink Floyd have ever written “Animals” in this current environment?” Given Roger Waters’ turn from (admitted) Communist (then) to an American Capitalist (now), would he have written those words, painted those “aural pictures,” let alone been inspired to do so from within?


One thing for sure, “Animals” is a rather “heady” album, that through clever “turn of phrase” and “allegory,” mixed with excellent music, does not clobber one over the head with its message. Now, could George Orwell’s “1984,” have escaped “snowflake,” “social justice warrior,” “Karen” input and/or criticism? No music to “soften” the blow. Could it have even been written in this, current environment? If so, would it have “read” the same, and still portend what we are ALL, now experiencing?

Based on what we’ve already experienced with this “cancel culture,” “Gone with the Wind” would have never been made, along with “Hogan’s Heroes” nor “M*A*S*H!” Yes, neither the M*A*S*H Movie, nor the TV Series could have ever beat back (nor fooled) THE FOOLS (these “wrong-think warriors”). In their world, we would NEVER know these artistic works, that only flourished BECAUSE of FREE SPEECH.

WE, only, flourish TODAY because of this most important of rights: The FIRST on a BILL of Rights! We have flourished through mankind’s worst adversities because of our collective belief in these rights, and we’ve made such great strides, as a Human Race, despite such great adversity and tragedy because America (its people and values) led the way — or at least DID, before the age of Social Media and (its) Section 230 provisions - protections above that of a U.S. Citizen’s 1A, Constitutional (BILL OF) Rights, apparently...

There are too many examples to list, but here’s one that should resonate with (most) everyone alive today: Jerry Seinfeld’s brilliant sitcom: “Seinfeld,” a show about “nothing.” It, simply, wouldn’t “get made” today in “their” reality! Don’t believe me, ask Jerry, himself, who avoids the college-circuit (as a comedian), PRIMARILY, because in reality our institutions of “higher learning” have (mostly) become expensive strongholds for “despotic, Nationalist-Socialists” who spew “wrong-headed, left-think” — and they have no humour.

These “Nazi-Lenin-Stalinists” play “word-games,” “virtue signal” and encourage “struggle-sessions” for the “non-conformists.” They openly advocate “Despotic-Communism” and a “mob-rule” mentality. It’s an ideology at its core - a “movement,” that like a virus, won’t die!

Whatever it’s called, “It” just mutates from one generation to the next. It’s currently en vogue to call it: “Democratic-Socialism.” Whatever its title, it’s a failed “national-socialist” (Communist) ideology that has NEVER worked. Anywhere! No excuses — “It” fails every-time! Please remember that, and this: “Socialists want you to share the wealth. Communists want you to share in the poverty.” (Mankiewicz). Take a look at your situation (right now) and tell ME what to call them!

This “cancel culture” and its “canonical, re-appropriation agenda” will know no bounds, as long as things remain status quo. Star Wars Canon has been altered, Disney Star Wars is, simply, an abomination, and “across the pond,” 50-years of “Doctor Who” Canon was erased in ONE episode. That’s right, one episode! All of this, thanks to SJW ideology.

So, stop using Facebook and Twitter, for example! It’s that easy! Stop it! These platforms are FUNDED by YOUR private information! Don’t use the GOOGLE search engine and modify your use of YOUTUBE, as this company (Alphabet) is in bed with the CCP and they commoditise YOUR private information. Period. Avoid entertainment “institutions” such as: Disney and its affiliates, Amazon and its tentacles, Apple TV+ and the AMC/BBC family of networks (to name, just a few), because they are ALL “Cultural Violators,” as well as 1A “Abridgers.”

These actions will assuage this “cultural carnage,” because by modifying YOUR behaviour, the “free-market” works as intended, and “AMERICAN-friendly” platforms will have opportunities to flourish — which means YOU reclaim your “AGENCY” from these Tech Oligarchs, that our Gov’t has let run amuck! Every little bit helps. It all starts with YOU! Your money and your spending habits have “purchase.”


Watch for yourself what funding Disney (at all) and using Twitter has wrought:

...or cut straight to the hypocrisy @08:33 and then:

Please comment!

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