04 March 2021

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The president attorneys are not going to contest the election results this week

So if we are not willing to go to the street and punch these mothers in the mouth or storm the Supreme Court ( like the lib tards did) then we all need to just take this ??

Oh I don’t think so

If you want to fight we need to organize and not flap our thumbs all day.

Who would be willing to help organize a PEACEFUL March from Arlington( where the hero’s are) to the capital...

we then pitch a tent and don’t leave until theses scum fuckers ( Republicans And dems ) do one of 2 things

1) tell the truth and step down
2) step down

In order to be effective we need 20 million people committed ..
then organize into pods of about 1500
Each POD picks leaders who then delegate supplies needed and standing watch once on sight.

If we do what the Wall Street bros did in NYC years back x1000 they will have 3 options

1) turn the troops on us ( we win )

2) meet our demands (we win)

3) ignore us. ( we win)

They will try all 3

Let’s control our destiny... why would we allow these thieves to control us and our children destiny why would we allow that ..

We control this land WE THE PEOPLE

I will open the page .. let’s go

Hit an old salt up if you want to help me organize
Cuz i am getting ready to drop some smoke on this mother
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