2nd amendment rights

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New Member
Feb 9, 2021
Democrats have crippled police, opening borders and taking our guns. Everyone needs to be contacting state officials and demanding states block federal gun laws by individual state rights. Democrats do not give a damn about gun violence they want to disarm us period. Make the calls people this will get much much worse if we don’t stop them. These new laws will impact most Americans if you have ever had a prescription for anxiety, depression, PTSD you will not be able to own a good. People will not get the help they need because of fear of losing their 2nd amendment rights. Gun sanctuary states are the 2nd amendments defense.


Well-known Member
Jan 6, 2021
Stop going to the doctors, unless you absolutely have to. use home remedies. No vaccines, eat healthy, walk, exercise, grow your own food. Heat with wood, and stay in prayer.
Prepare with food stores and don't forget the toilet paper😁

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