40% Rise Nationwide in Excess Deaths Among 18- to 49-Year-Olds, CDC Data Show

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Lady Patriot

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Dec 30, 2020

40% Rise Nationwide in Excess Deaths Among 18- to 49-Year-Olds, CDC Data Show​

Death certificate data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show excess deaths increased by more than 40% among Americans 18 to 49 years old during a 12-month period ending in October of 2021, and that COVID caused only about 42% of those deaths.
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Feb 24, 2021
Criminal investigations against Fauci, Pharma, all the hospitals......

If the cdc issued a protocol pays hospitals big bucks to treat covid with blasts from a shotgun to the patients's heads, would doctors implementing that protocol be subject to murder charges? If the answer is yes, then doctors forcing people down Rendesivir road or doing the jabs should be prosecuted.
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