A NEW PRECEDENT HAS BEEN SET that would allow Hillary Clinton to Be Impeached…FOR BENGHAZI…hey DEMS, what goes around comes around…JUST SAYING!

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Psalm 27

Well-known Member
Feb 13, 2021
How about let's keep sleepy Joes Congress tied up with an impeachment of Eric Holder for "Fast and Furious". Then turn around and drop one on Obama for setting up the Russian Hoax with his pals Brennan and Comey.
The Dems showed how it could be done in two weeks, so maybe we could fit Robinette Biden in by the end of the summer for his compliance with Chinese Communist Party in rigging the election with their voting machines and software. Keep them busy while we work to take back the House in 22' and cleanse the Senate in 24'. Who knows we might have to have a Special Election some time in early 23' if Joe and his brothers along with his bag man Hunter are starting their bid down in GitMo. just sayin!
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