Alex Jones — I paid $500,000 for DC rally… I booked the venue…

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019

Alex Jones says he put up nearly $500,000.

“No one would book the Ellipse, no one would book the other areas. No one would pay for it. We went and paid for it,” Jones said. “Thank God a donor came in and paid like 80 percent of it,” he went on. “Because it cost close to half a million dollars, with all the equipment, all the stages and the rest of it. Port-a-Potties, you name it.”

Jones did not name the anonymous benefactor — but he did shed light on an initial plan to have the Secret Service escort Jones through the gathered Trump supporters so he could head a procession to the Capitol.

“The White House told me three days before, we’re going to have you lead the march,” Jones said.

“And Trump will tell people, go and I’m going to meet you at the Capitol. But there was a million people outside. So by the time I got out there … there were already hundreds of thousands of people ahead of me marching.”

Jones, who has appeared at multiple “Stop the Steal” rallies in the weeks since Election Day, was seen in the crowd outside the Capitol on Wednesday, but seems not to have entered the building.
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Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
Don’t believe everything he says. In fact, I barely believe most of what anyone says. I have listened to him from time to time out of boredom, but one way to know when someone is bought and not telling the truth is they don’t name the people behind it all but rather continuously blame the puppets like Obama, clintons and gates. And I doubt he speaks to President Trump Or ever has. “So Trump calls me and asks me what to do.” Right. Not bashing the guy but not going to believe someone who is bought.
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New Member
Jan 11, 2021
Alex is a legend in his own mind, one rally he tried to get all over Gen Flynn and he gave him the stink eye and ignored him lol No way our President would listen to him or add him to any event, he is toxic

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