ALL OF A SUDDEN...mass shooters go on rampage again ...coincidence?

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Timothy Bair

Senior Member
Feb 17, 2021


Well-known Member
Feb 11, 2021
It is right out of the CCP's playbook. Open the border and let violent criminals, gangs, rapists, child trafficking and drugs in, defund the police, take everyone's right to defend themselves away, start a race war, ruin the economy, buy up all the land here, install a compromised puppet in the White House--did I leave anything out?
Sniff women, pretend to care & try not to fall...


Sniff women, pretend to care & try not to fall...
LOL...That's Joe's MO, for sure. However, I was thinking more on the lines of the CCP playbook. I also have to wonder if all the craziness down is Miami has been instigated by some troublemakers funded by the left. They hate Desantis and want to see him fail. Now, all of a sudden those in MSM are saying Miami has the highest reported COVID numbers in the country. Like we really believe that.
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