All Signal No Noise Song

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New Member
Feb 22, 2021
I am a firm believer that we must take over the cultural world of art, film, poetry, music, ect. If we are to see lasting change we must have our "reverse Woodstock" if you will.
I'm with ya and I dig your song. The Marxists have captured the education system and the entertainment industry for the most part.

In your lyrics you mention the "tough guys of rock n roll" so here ya go. Here's a song I recorded last year to voice my rage at the MSM and to hopefully help Trump win re-election. As you can see, my song didn't help his re-election.
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New Member
Feb 24, 2021
I just saw this from last week, I like the lyrics...."they are the enemy of the people" so so true. I have been shocked by all the Neil Young types, the old hippie anti-establishment revolutionaries from the 60's , who are all completely silent as the Left marches on our Liberty day by day. or even some of the post punk bands like REM or Pearl Jam, they have all gone silent. my guess is they are all bought and paid for, and they've been told to dummy up.

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