Alleged Whistleblower, Friend Plotted For Over A Year To Bring Down Trump (Video)

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019

"I didn't identify anybody or propose that anyone was the whistleblower," Paul said. "But I did identify two Obama partisans that have worked in the National Security Council. Sean Misko, who works for Adam Schiff, and then I also identified Eric Ciaramella. They're friends. They worked together on the National Security Council."

"There are allegations that they actually plotted together as much as a year or two ago to say that 'we've got to bring this president down,'" Paul revealed. "So it's kind of extraordinary all the people who actually came to the National Security Council. I count maybe 6 people who know each other really well. So you've got Sean Misko, two other people on Adam Schiff's team from the National Security Council, all activist Democrats who used to be in the National Security Council. You've got the Vindman, Lt. Col. [Alexander] Vindman and his brother. So there's two Vindmans. They're over at the National Security Council and this fellow Eric Ciaramella. So you've got 6 people who know each other and the question is: Wouldn't we want to know if they've been discussing for maybe months a plan to bring the president down once they got a chance?"

"I wonder if it was coordinated," Paul mused. "I have no proof that it was coordinated but I certainly think somebody ought to ask. And you shouldn't just get a free pass to 'I'm going to attack the president and we're going to plot to bring down the president and get him impeached but I don't have to testify and nobody gets to scrutinize my background. I don't think that's fair to the president."

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