American empire? Say's Who?

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Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
Twilight of the American empire
After years of liberal imperialism, the US has finally overstretched itself
by Aris Roussinos

The author gets a few things right, but fails in other areas. The mention of Biden is faulty, while
completely ignoring what Trump was doing, which was the Correct course.

As I and many others said back in the early 90s, "It's time for the Peace Dividend." But, no. Clinton
foolishly kept going on with the silly American Imperialism mantra. Then Bush had his time, and you all know
the rest - Stupidity in carrying out the Old World Agenda of Empire, brought on and continued by arm-chair
delusional warriors like Cheney and the whole slue of others like him, before and after.

We, those versed in history and the affairs of the 18th to 20th Century, knew it was wrong and
would be destructive to the USA and un-rewarded, in substance, by the rest of the World. Look to the UK
for what to expect, as by the late 40s it was already known how they fared.

At least Trump started to withdrawal, as was the correct action. But, being a large task, and with
the Stolen 2020 Election, it will not yet be carried out to fruition.

Old World affairs are best left to them so they can continue destroying themselves. Europe, Asia,
the Middle East deserve each other and must enjoy their just results. While not wishing them ill will,
I think they need to endure a collective and long term respite from the Civilized World.

Those three areas must be held accountable for their destructive ways over the past 2,000 years.
For without their murders, rapes, and pillages, that area would be a nicer place, and would have
spared the rest of the World from so much.

Just why, and by whom, we got sucked into their Old World SICKNESS is the question. RIGHT?
It can be said it started with T.R. and then, the ‘Bureaucracy’ took to flight. But, also
we need to look to Wilson and Truman too. Those three, by design or accident shaped our sordid
present. However, take note, since we hold the means to remedy the situation, We will - if willing.

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