Americans invented mafia& we're biden's boss now. So lets take all chinas money& cut biden in for a piece of our action, read this please-

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Well-known Member
Feb 11, 2021
Houston, TX
The problem was china bought biden but not all of us, but we're biden's boss now. Let's take all of china's money& cut biden in for a piece of our action.

Our govt sued BP for spilled oil& BP paid the entire clean up plus lost profits/wages to every person on the coast, it would be gross government misconduct if they do not do anything to ensure fair compemsation for Americans from this illegal chinese spill that killed millions of our people& permanently devastated our well being& our awesome economy. We've seen all the evidence we need to see (plus china just tampered with the investigators), china has strict liability for all damages that flow from its illegal biowarfare lab, now its time for biden to tell xi: china must pay all our covid damages& the first $12trillion damage payment is due now!
And Im going to get mad at biden if he doesnt do it! We can even get the democrats saying so: Asset forfieture, payment plans, lawsuits, now!! biden even said on first phone call w xi, the cultural norm in America is when all the people tell the president to do something he has to do it or be miserable until he caves to us, and he will because hes weak plus corrupt and he can have a cut of the money, why not?

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