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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021
Medical mistakes off the top of my greying head

Live long enough, you forget dates but here goes:

Doctors say the bomb could ignite the entire PLANET'S atmosphere, but go ahead and set off 1000 bombs over our heads anyway. Then offer to cut the throatS open of all the children (to remove their thyroids) this because they knew they were screwing up before they did the first series of tests in the 50’s ...because DEAR DEPLORABLES they had the cancer data from Japan 5 years prior. Did they tell people HEY WE NEED TO GIVE YOU ALL CANCER in orderTO SAVE YOU (from those evildoers heh heh heh....

NO..............we might have said, we;ll take our chances.

Doctors test salt reactor in Simi valley, it melts down, exposing everyone in the valley, did they tell anyone,


Docs notice that spinal meningitis is carried by dogs to children, did they tell anybody

Doc notice polio is in the water, did they tell anybody

Docs notice people are getting sick from blood transfusions, did they tell anybody

Docs know aids is carried in blood, did they stop transfusing

Docs know cancer can be carried in blood products, did they tell us,

Doc notice agent orange and many other pesticides are killing us in droves, but…

NOthing to see here.

Docs notice the uranium in the weapons was making our own boys sick……that’s made up

Doc see a horrid syndrome in those vaccinated prior to the gulf war,,,
NO…see no evil

Docs notice bone grafts, dental bone paste, joint replacements, etc etc are hazardous to health, causing cancer.
NO who will buy our fake joints or dental implants if we tell them
NO...mustn't tell

Docs pull one batch of blood product, after it give 100 people hepatitis, but fail to institute country wide testing to see how many blood recipients are quietly dying without knowing what was given them has given them a silent killer. Nothing to see here folk…

Doc notice their prize winning vaccines are causing alarming amounts of autism and altzheimer’s, but even with thousand of permanently semi=vegetative children they continue to sell and push the 3 stage measles vax.
NO child vaccine does harm

Could it be the mercury? The Alumina, or the gamma retrovirus cell lines used to make the vaccines? NO
Let's jail the doctor who blew that whistle, and kick her out of our profession
…nothing to see here

How about the Chernobal type event in Washington and Oregon. Fukashima dumps 450 rads a day for 2 months…(300 is an eveacuation event) but do they tell anybody? NOPE.

what, you were thinking they'd inform us....sheesh.

And I’m just getting started, but you get the idea.

Yet these brilliant scientist types, these doctors, physicists, engineers, pharmaceutical geniuses one and all, now want us to

" believe that we should trust them."

Trust them to warn us, trust them to tell us the truth, trust them to have no agenda but our well being on their minds.

Nothing about making money, covering their own asses, or worse. Why of course we should trust them, they’ve never done a thing to make us wonder what planet they are from.

They were put here to protect us, guide, inform and force us to comply.

And to this we the people say a resounding….


jesus said it best....".blind guides....straining at a nat you swallow a camel."
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