Anti-American Capitalism of Economic-Anarchy

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Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
Nevada, near Carson City
Brought to you by 40 years of Voodoo-Economics, this brave new system is destroying what was.

Disrespecting the deaths and sacrifices made to date, squandering the capital of the States and the Nation, a few raped the riches they couldn't create, while government fed from a bucket now empty. Instead of rejecting truth to comply with the requirements from Davos, you can repair the damage.

It's time to put an end to the evils of the Anti-American ways which have damaged our once prosperous nation. The excessive amounts of selling off to China have reduced large segments of our society. Many states are in upheaval.

The Anti-American Capitalism of Economic-Anarchy is Un-American.
The Anti-American Capitalism of Economic-Anarchy is foreign in origin.

Brought to our shores, a distortion to the existing economic system entered our nation. Dreams distorted our system too, by placing money / wealth as the end of effort. Is nothing more destructive than pure greed? Pure greed can not create, it can only destroy. Throughout the 20th Century, this slowly distorted and corrupted the values of our more enduring qualities, because those qualities were not those of the sociopathic elements who amassed too much wealth. There was a time when those people cared for others. But no more!

This new Anti-American Capitalism is the type where each of us is to compete to get all the money and wealth they can, while industries were sent offshore. This new system ends when all are in the service sector, except for the few self-styled elite.

Spewed forth in the 1980s, a 'new' economic theory, correctly labeled by George H.W. Bush in April 1980, sabotaged our nation by promoting the full-speed-ahead pure-greed type of capitalism - the Anti-American Capitalism. With the system many industries disappeared. We cut back on producing the necessities and focused on being servants to the rest. “May I take your order, Sir?”

Also, internal efforts to overturn the earlier gains that ordinary people had paid for, in blood and sweat, to achieve a moment of hope for the future were finally conquered to make us weak and pitiful. 1970 was the decline and fall year of wage stagnation until after 2016.

The internal enemies of the nation wanted control over labor to have workers beg for a job to drive down the cost of these, now termed "Human Resources," people. Thus, workers have been reclassified as mere 'things' to corporations and businesses.

Our Capitalism had flaws, what system doesn't, however, the system forced upon us by rouge elements of economic theory and the world's bloodsucking billionaires is an alien system that will never work for this nation as long as we desire a better future.

And when I say forced, I mean forced. The good and decent citizens of this nation have been reduced and now dismissed from participating in their government.
The last time there was an increase in representation was in 1910. Since that year, 'We the People' have been turned into 'we the people' or, as these Anti-American Capitalists say, “the leftover baggage in which a slow death will reduce their numbers. Besides, we’ll just let the rest of the World invade the US and we’ll have all the cheap labor we want.”

Some call this genocide. Now that most Americans are in one group, the poor group, they can kill us off a lot easier by making it look like an accident. It's genocide nonetheless.

Greed guided by demented notions of economics in conjunction with reduced representation turned this nation into...
What do we call this transmogrification? Kleptocracy? Or is it going to be Marxism? Global Marxism?

Very close, but not quite right. Something's missing. Yea, there's a lot missing now!

Fight the coming Cannibalistic tendencies. Otherwise, those left with something will fight each other to get the last remaining scraps of stuff.
Clawing, scratching, stabbing, shooting each other as darkness envelopes the last remaining greed-monger, who smiles at the piles of now worthless stuff. ...
This will happen? YES, IT WILL!

Matters not who or what your 'status' is, your comrades will always turn on you when the going gets tough.
This is the way of the Anti-American Capitalism of Economic-Anarchy World.

Minerals, metals, money leave, as the dust blows from the hot winds of fate and degradation, and it must stop before the end.
There must be an end to the 'America as a place to exploit.'

There's still some time left.
You can start by casting off your cloak of conformity.
Stand, and be counted as a defender of these United States of America.
The challenge may seem great.
The task may be tough.
But, to survive in decent conditions with friends and family demands we do the right thing! And, we do it together with determination on our faces and freedom in our hearts.

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