Antrim County Clerk tried to dismiss case against herself

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Senior Member
Feb 17, 2021
100 Percent Fed Up is reporting that the Clerk in Antrim County (who lied about the Dominion tabulations) tried to use her position as County Clerk to dismiss the case. The judge that ordered the forensic audit of Antrim County caught wind of it and ordered the case to be reinstated.

The forensic audit revealed the the adjudication logs were illegally deleted the day after the election, and she has admitted she ordered the deletions. She's under criminal investigation for that little maneuver.

This is the case to watch as far as Dominion goes. If the plaintiffs are able to PROVE the manipulation within the Dominion tabulators, it legitimizes the same investigation in every other State that used the same system. It gives legislatures political cover to dig deeper, and it strengthens our case to demand they stop ignoring the fraud.


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