Archbishop Vigano Will Be The First To Call Out The Coup

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Senior Member
Jun 15, 2021
Arizona, U.S.A
While he hasn't called out the coup specifically for who it is as yet, he will be the first to say the dreaded and protected when the timing is right - JEW. He is smart enough to know that timing is everything, especially since they control the worldwide media. Notice in the interview that there is no mention of judeo-christian. There is a reason for that.
And Boris, the low iq fraud. That mentions and praises his fellow jews at every opportunity when they are "on our side" but never a mention of them that are the enemy. Marc elias, mayorkis, sotomayor, kagan, breyer, ronald klain, marc short, welensky, all pharma ceo's, disney ceo's, wall st. Ceo's, jim cramer, schiff, raskin, 70% of bidens staff, rachel levine, wolf, shapiro, huge % of talking heads on msm, zelensky, schwab, raffensberger, sterling, garland and huge % of doj, all big tech, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.


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