Arizona Forensic Investigator in Supreme Court Filing Declares...

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019


Active Member
Dec 28, 2020
Can anyone send a link for this to a person close to President Trump? Perhaps, Rudy Giuliani ? Have no idea what Trump is being told about progress in proving the "steal". We can never give up until Justice is served. Rudy has said he is a personal lawyer to Trump. He has an email contact on his "Common Sense" podcast page. That is kept current twice each week.


New Member
Feb 12, 2021
We need to anchor Mary Fanning’s “Star Wars” cyber warfare receipts to the Voting Machine specific analysis by Russ Ramsland.

Bannon and Lindell have done the hard work, but they have not closed on the receipts that are begging to be organized into an unassailable connection of the general with the specific.

Let’s obliterate the New York Times assertion that Mike Lindell’s Documentary is nothing but a harried “Fever Dream” from the My Pillow guy.

Step One: Get the county level Voting Machine addresses for Antrim County by perusing Mary Fanning’s date stamped receipts with the comprehensive list of all cyber intrusions and vote switching across 2,995 counties.

Step Two: From Russ Ramsland Get the Voting machine addresses for Antrim County from his forensic images and analysis.

Step Three: Compare the two and show that they match.

Do that and then give John Roberts a call.

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