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Feb 13, 2021
===== COVID VIRUS GERM THEORY ===== Versus ===== EXOSOME VIRUS TERRAIN THEORY ====================================== ====================================== ====================================== WEBSITE ADRESS LINK ARTICLE

==== germ theory vs. terrain theory ====
The germ theory vs. terrain theory. The germ theory is what Western medicine has practiced for over 150 years with the belief that external germs or microbes invade our body and cause illness. Terrain theory says our health is all about the status of our immune system and microbiome. A well-functioning immune system and good gut health do not allow microbes to cause illness. After all, we have more viruses, bacteria, fungus, and other microbes in us than we do cells. As the author Bruce Lipton says, we are walking Petri dishes. This explains in every epidemic why some people have no symptoms, some have minor symptoms, some have severe symptoms, and some die.
What if viruses didn’t exist as we believe them to be? Try wrapping your head around exosomes which is something you may not be familiar with. I certainly had not heard of exosomes before the appearance of the reported novel coronavirus. According to scientists, exosomes and viruses are indistinguishable. Neither are living organisms. They act similarly. But what are exosomes? The best way to describe or compare viruses and exosomes is to watch this video. ( this is 1 of the 2 videos that you watch at the top ) . It is 9 minutes long and does a very good job of comparing exosomes and viruses. The video also briefly discusses the most common testing method for the novel coronavirus, the PCR test. This involves using a nasal swab to supposedly detect the novel coronavirus in your nasal/sinus cavity. In the video, it states that Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test in 1983, claims that the PCR test is NOT to be used as a diagnostic test. The obvious question begging to be asked is why is it the gold standard of testing and who made this decision? Add all the false positives produced by the PCR test and it should be clear that this is a meaningless test, yet the data is being used to create fear and make life-changing decisions.
Are you aware that the novel coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2), which is the infection, is not causative of Covid-19? It is possible to test positive for the infection but not have the disease (Covid-19). For an analogy, the same is true that testing positive for HIV does not mean you have AIDS. So when you hear that 30,000 in Indiana have tested positive keep in mind that this does not mean all 30,000 have Covid-19. Also, remember that the inventor of the PCR test said it is NOT to be used as a diagnostic test.
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