Bad News - Georgia Election Law Is a Dud

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Well-known Member
Feb 24, 2021
Still allowed:
  1. No excuse absentee ballots
  2. Drop boxes all over the place, uncontrolled.
  3. Easy for election officials to fake absentee ballots, because they have access to the secret id numbers serving in place of signatures
  4. Ballots and election machine reports are not disclosed to public. That means it is impossible to verify election results
  5. No protection against scanning same ballot multiple times.
Bottom line: Georgia legislature makes appearance of progress, in reality, elections in Georgia not secure, not verifiable, no progress.


Well-known Member
Feb 11, 2021
Kemp needs to go; flush him down the toilet! Its where turds need to be NOT on the bottom of our shoes spreading it all around...

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