Bannon: Action, Action, Action

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019

Why are the Never Trumpers joining zoom calls to form a new party? “They understand their days are over,” says Bannon.

The jig is up at the Lincoln Project, the donor base is drying up, and the scammers need a new scam. The Republican Party is ripe for the taking, says Dan Schultz, who explains how to do it.

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Well-known Member
Jan 20, 2021
The 85 million people in the MAGA movement make up the most powerful political and economic force in this country! Here's how they can exert their economic power and political will!

Start a Weekly Online National MAGA Boycott Announcement to:

1. Designate Businesses to Boycott - Announce and initiate a national boycott on any businesses that do not act or believe in America First!

2. Pick a national Political Adversary of the Week - Then announce and initiate a plan for their political demise!

3. Pick a national Political Hero of the Week - Then reward them with electronic, verbal or financial support!

Remember - Voting in elections only occurs every few years but voting with the pocketbook starts immediately and continues until it's called off. A weekly event for boycott announcements can be coordinated by websites like: The Bannon War Room, The Gateway Pundit, Citizens Free Press, Populist Press, Revolver, etc. Boycotts can also be replicated at the state and local level, and facilitated by state-level organizations!

As Individuals we are easily dismissed, but as a block - We Are The Boss!
If we got the power, now's the time to use it!

As Mr. B often says: It's all about "Action, Action, Action!"

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