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Made in the U.S.A

Senior Member
Feb 19, 2021
Rush is the bridge from beloved President Reagen to now and it’s all well documented on his daily shows all 32 years of it! Never let them silence all his years of hard work and our history that far to many are trying to erase! Never be silent! As tribute to Rush his show needs to rerun for the next 32 years, and be able to continue to educate and inform as he devoted his life to do! I’m certain of the fact that it seems some from both political party’s didn’t hear enough Rush and we owe it to our youth!


Active Member
Feb 3, 2021
Excellent show today! Paul call Matt Gaetz Superman and I see why excellent words describing Kevin McCarthy. Loved the part about too busy doing likes and share! Bravo as usual!!! Excellent on Dr Rand Paul that is horrible about children terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SICK! 50 yr AT&T gold watch Blue chip fun-well nother of em is Coke Bobby Corp lawyer all retired more n likely since we bee over the hill especally according to Creepy cheatin Joes policy makers who think 70 plus is a waste of time my big sz 11 ft is up your butt!


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