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Senior Member
Jan 28, 2021
The BORDER CRISIS is a diversion while PELOSI & Schumer put out bill after bill to harm the American people and Donald TRUMP,
I believe. They want the federal house of REPS to take over voting rules FROM the states. They want no ID necessary TO VOTE.
PELOSI WANTS TO RUN THE ELECTIONS HERSELF. HR-1. Schumer wants the republican senators to have no VETO power. SO HE WANTS
TO ELIMINATE THE FILIBUSTER. or the ability to talk until you drop!! Pelosi has 2 different bills> One BILL is to take retirement away from TRUMP.
Another makes him unable to run for office again> She is still trying to have him charged with a CRIME for 1/6>she is having his taxes gone over
hoping for a crime> but so far they are finding NOTHING> She is pushing for the wage increase & again saving the USPS. She wants $4 TRILLION
MORE. So while Biden is traveling the country AND there is CHAOS at the BORDER ..............
SHE is RUSHING bills through the house & TO the senate.


Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
There's only Pelosi's Malfeasance and Biden's Installment and Schumer's ? and the FBI's corruption and SCOTUS absence and __________

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