Better Protect Those Georgia Ballots

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Maybe, the National Guard, fence, and razor wire should be removed from the Capitol and setup in Georgia to guard the absentee ballots; especially with the forthcoming outcome of their forensic audit. We know that President Trump won this election! AZ, WI, NH, PA, MI, and NV should do the same as GA. We need this illegitimate presidency and administration thrown out! These people are ruining our country. We had ‘one‘ brilliant and tough businessman straighten out the catastrophic policies of the previous administrations, and implement strategies that, actually, worked and helped the American people. Who would have thought?! For the first time in the history of our nation, we were energy independent and people started to feel alive and blessed, once again! SO, here we are, now, right back in the history of waste, abuse of power, and the doldrums. We should expel Pelosi and Schumer! These two power hungry and evil culprits, who don’t care one iota about the people while shoving as many socialistic bills through the House as possible, are helping to create the new One World Order! Without these two socialists, Congress shouldn’t be as blindsided as they have been since the fake inauguration day. For the good of our nation, REMOVE Proxy Voting and the Speakership from Pelosi! WAKE UP everyone before we lose everything, forever! 🇺🇸
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