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Jan 26, 2021

Psalm 27

Well-known Member
Feb 13, 2021
I'm sorry but if you can't see a divine intervention in this scenario, then you are not educating yourself, you have been re-educated by the false prophet on the left. He laid down the story line and the priestess on the right was supposed to carry on with the final delivery of the entire country to the manipulated science powered, elitist, narcissistic, globalist gods who answer to the Prince of Lies!
Thank God the intervention occurred on the 16' election. Our Creator was aware of the fact that the ability to fraudulently rig the election had not been fully planned and therefore was not able to be implemented for the 16' election. Trump was used to expose the entire depth of the infection that had been slowly festering beneath the surface of the land of the free. Now day by day the truth is becoming clear to the young people in this country who have managed to escape the ignorance trap set by the great deceiver. There can be no "Bondo" on this old jalopy, it has to go to the crusher and new blueprints have to be drawn by the young folks that will be riding in it. MAGA and KIG (Keep It Great),(y):D

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