BEWARE !!!! DHS Preparing to Use Private Contractors to “Scour Public Data and Social Media” - WATCH & NO FLY LISTS FOR DISSIDENT CITIZENS

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Feb 19, 2021
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is now getting ready to hire public companies, individual contractors outside government, to scour public data and social media in order to provide information for the new “domestic terror watch lists.” From the description it appears DHS is going to pay “big tech” (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, etc.), via contracts, to hire and organize internal monitoring teams to assist the government by sending information on citizens they deem “dangerous.”

Gee, what could possibly go wrong with this?…

Expand your thinking to what was initiated with the COVID model for “contact tracing” and you can quickly see how physical proximity to a rogue dissident, a person with wrong thoughts – aka a domestic extremist, can result in you being labeled along with that dissident…. and you are on the list. Then overlay the efforts of Big Tech to assist the administrative state with an electronic trail of your habits, contacts, phone calls, text messages and internet patterns…. and you are on the list.

Remind yourself what FBI “contractors’ with access to the NSA database already did in their quest for political opposition research and surveillance {Go Deep}. Then overlay all of the above and you get an alarming picture that is not something to dispatch.



Senior Member
Jan 10, 2021
I read the first paragraph and couldn't read any further.....hum......what could POSSIBLY GO WRONG WITH THIS.......and...the Government 'giving' these contracts to the major tech do the spying.....that's LAUGHABLE.
Just a few questions........sir......ah.....could you explain to me what ...the ..DEFINITION....OF A DOMESTIC TERRORIST...actually IS....because.....if my memory serves me correctly (and I KNOW it DOES on THIS subject...because it is SOOOOOO is burned into my brain) DOES REMEMBER SIR.....that a LOT of innocent TRUMP SUPPORTERS....have been labeled 'domestic TERRORISTs.....just by walking the streets of Washington DC...on a sunny day in THAT your definition?
This is THEIR OVERTLY OBVIOUS attempt at INTIMIDATION and TARGETING ....we....conservatives.
Boy...oh....boy....GERMANY IN THE 40s...ring any bells....?
this PROFOUND OVERWHELMING OVERREACH by these EVIL DEMONRATS......I believe....will a big big big WAY.....because......
this sort of EVIL.....and....although it APPEARS THAT...their....EVIL IS WINNING.........will NOT STAND.
read the book of HABAKKUK in the bible......we are LIVING IT.
....the the midst of EVIL winning all over and wherever he looked.....'WHERE IS THE GOD OF HEAVEN.......'
to which.....GOD replied......'I AM DOING A WORK IN YOUR DAY that WILL AMAZE YOU..' HABAKKAK people.......GOD WINS.
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Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
Be my fornicating guest and put me on a no fly list !
DHS is a fornicating bunch of fecal heads !
Am I perfectly clear?

Hey, Boarder Patrol and ICE
--> Quit following immoral orders.
--> Quit working with the Mexican Cartels.
--> Quit being enablers to slavery and Child endangerment.
You folks will be held accountable to any future Crimes Against Humanity Trials

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