Biden Advocates Sports Teams Boycott Georgia Over Election Integrity Law

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Senior Member
Jan 10, 2021
Gawd.....what a MORON......that ear piece he HAS IN HIS EAR must be getting a workout......where the FLIP is the soundproof booth that OBAMA is using to feed this empty man all his thoughts.....OH....that's right....on the edge of some suburb in Washington...aptly named.....THE PIT OF HELL.


Well-known Member
Feb 6, 2021
If the leagues go woke then it won't be long before they go broke. My bro has already given up watching all sports and I am down to one. We don't need sports in our lives.
I was an avid college football and basketball fan. I’m now ashamed of the woke Kansas University mentality. The cheating scandal was enough for me. Phog Allen is rolling in his grave. I never missed a game. I haven’t watched one in the past 3 years.
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