Biden Goes Blank When Asked If He's Ready for Press Conference

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Senior Member
Jan 10, 2021
Damn it.....this is ELDER ABUSE.....why isnt somebody taking THIS ELDER's the can the Biden family....stand back and WATCH...WATCH....WATCH....what is happening to their own father and et el.....Oh......THATS RIGHT......THE BIDEN FAMILY so DRUNK for POWER and MONEY.....that they will use JOE....AS A PROP....for the SICK...evil...advancement of their OWN....LUSTS and EGOS......people.....people.....people.....that is ONE FLAMING SICK FAMILY..........!!!!!!!!!...and the WORSE CONTENDER OF ALL....JILL....JILL...JILL......what WIFE would even THINK of throwing their FRAIL husband into the LAIGHING STOCK of the worlds public opinion.....I think JILL should be brought up on .....ELDER ABUSE CHARGES......may they ALL....ROT IN HELL..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well-known Member
Feb 15, 2021
His doctor is just as guilty of treason as he is. If I was the doctor of a person who was running for president and knew that my patient had dementia, you can bet your @$$ that I'd disclose their condition to the public. It would be the right thing to do. The patriotic thing. Yes, I'd lose my license, but sometimes you have to take one for the team. The country is more important than any one person.


Senior Member
Feb 13, 2021
alburquerque nm

"What press conference?" ... This is so sad to watch happen in real-time.
If you really think about it, whom ever is in charge their putting Biden out there to show the world what America's come to and why China needs to be the new rising power. When I think about it, What is there for us to do, it's not like impeaching him could help cause then we will get Harris and if we get rid of her then who's next, No one, this is truly a crisis we've never faced before
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New Member
Mar 1, 2021
It is shameful and criminal to see what the Democrats are doing to Joe Biden. He clearly a man who stupefied and needs to be treated with dignity. The Democrats have dishonored and destroyed the Presidency of The United States and the Leader of the free world for all to see. They have no shame and never respected the Office of the POTUS. Its a puppet to dangle as eye candy to please the masses.

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