Biden: We Need Money to Plan for the Second Pandemic

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Jun 23, 2021
Let's see... possible sequence of events (if you were writing a Hollywood script... right?) 1.) 2nd pandemic 2.) lock downs ordered 3.) Some states refuse to comply 4.) Biden orders military to those states and federalizes their National Guards, declaring limited martial law in those states that refused to comply with the lock down orders 5.) Citizens in those states begin resisting 6.) After a major resistance confrontation, Congress passes emergency gun confiscation legislation to quell future armed resistance to the emergency declarations 7.) Biden declares general martial law, cancels mid-term elections, begins gun confiscation nationwide using military as well as federal and state police agencies.... has armed IRS agents backing up federal law enforcement agencies. 8.) Civil War breaks out. 9.) Biden requests aid of Chinese military in quelling pockets of armed resistance (am I getting too far afield at this point?) 10.) Worlds' Oligarchs meet in Davos Switzerland where new World government is formed using Communist China as its guiding philosophy and essentially adopting the Chinese economic system and Chinese system of social monitoring and control for the world's population with with the approval of UN charter members. Voting members of the new world government elect Xi Jinping as Chancellor.


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Mar 6, 2021
Quit playing games with pandemics. We have had several pandemics over the years and we did Absolutely nothing people got shots then if they wanted to. It was still America then, and shots didn`t kill you then. People died as they do with the flu every year. They play with the numbers so who knows what the numbers are. America went on, they didn`t shut down and run and hide. They didn`t let the government push them around either.

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