Bill Gates — President Trump should be allowed back on social media… (Video)

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Drain the Swamp

Active Member
Feb 12, 2021
The arrogance of Bill Gates is nauseating. Wealth has clearly eroded what ever trace of Christianity was in his moral compass. His outspoken belief in population control, and IF the Vaccines are designed to “thin the herd”, defines him as a Genocidal Manic. Am I alone in this observation?
Will the "real" Bill Gates please stand up;


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Well-known Member
Feb 11, 2021
NO ONE trusts the media or government ... the election was "fake"....and so was the FAKE-MEDIA COVERAGE of it.... am sooooo looking forward to Friday's SCOTUS "conference" about the comBined LAWSUITS by Sidney Powell, Wood, etc. REGARDING DOMINIUM VOTE flipping and VIOLATIONS OF STATE CONSTITUTIONS !!!
First, I apologize for my ignorance. If SCOTUS does vote against the defendants; what are the expected actions & consequences?


Well-known Member
Feb 11, 2021
Oh, we are so thankful for your understanding and compassion (you are not capable of AH). The Office of Former President Donald J. Trump (official) does NOT need your approval to reach his Base. Suck on that
If I could upvote your post 100 times I would. That’s great!! You made me giggle.

Timothy Bair

Senior Member
Feb 17, 2021
I do not consider myself a conspiracy theorist, BUT I do not trust the media or government. There have been Covid vaccine reports, if you search them out, they are “easy” to find. Disclaimer, I am not suggesting that people consider this a suggestion and please do your own research....
1. In December Kamala was asked “will you be getting vaccinated?” Her response, “once they prove it is safe”. Not one media outlet questioned her response. Seriously?
2. We saw both Biden & Harris get injections, but we do not know what was in the syringes (oops I mean “vaccinators”)
3. The medical reports I reviewed had an unexpectedly high level of adverse reactions, most occurring after the second dose.
4. Unfortunately, I know multiple individuals that had horrific reactions. My 85 YO family member, a nursing home resident, developed pneumonia shortly after his second vaccination. Yesterday we were informed he is not expected to survive.
5. To get the “full/complete” antibody response both doses are recommended, required. Studies have shown taking only the first dose does offer some protection. Individuals testing positive for Covid are symptomatic but the severity is greatly reduced. I will likely choose to only receive the first dose if any.
6. Mark his comments from 2020
7. A high number of nurses have opted to not get vaccinated
Again, the only thing I am suggesting is to do your research, ask questions and choose for yourself.


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