-- Bill Gates Will Receive -- $ 3.5 billion Dollars For Bill Gates’s Foundation From The Democrats $1.9 trillion Bill -- ARTICLE --

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Feb 13, 2021

$ 3.5 billion dollars for Bill Gates’s foundation from the Democrats $1.9 trillion bill



The BL
A stunning clause earmarking at least $3.5 billion dollars to a globalist foundation funded by multibillionaire Bill Gates is hidden in the last few pages of the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion dollars CCP Virus relief package.
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is described as a “key partner” on Page 613 of the Democrats’ 628-page relief bill, which calls for a donation of “not less than $3,500,000,000” to the Global Fund to Combat AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.
Although it’s noble to raise money to help eradicate AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis around the world, it’s unclear why $3.5 billion in American taxpayer funds must be given to this charity right now.
The recent mass of CCP Virus shutdowns have wreaked havoc on the economy, putting millions of people out of work. Countless small businesses have closed their doors, and many people are struggling to feed their families and pay their bills.
But why did Democrats use the relief talks to ram this and other globalist, left-wing agenda items through that have little to do with helping needy Americans?
The Democrats dubbed the $1.9 trillion dollars CCP Virus relief bill the “American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.” Note that Americans will only receive a $1,400 “stimulus” check if they make less than $80,000 dollars per person or $160,000 dollars for a married couple.
What’s more surprising is that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has already given the Global Fund $2.49 billion, with an additional $760 million planned for fiscal years 2020 to 2022.
But why does the Global Fund to Combat AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria need an additional $3.5 billion dollars cans?
What does combating AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria in other parts of the world have to do with the CCP Virus pandemic in the United States?
Bill Gates, ironically, expressed concern that the $1.9 trillion dollars “relief” bill quickly put together by President Joe Biden and his Democratic colleagues would waste taxpayer money by not tailoring the funds appropriately.
“The government always has a hard time targeting exactly the people who are in need, and particularly if you are designing programs very quickly,” Gates said in a CNN interview last month.
“It will be tricky, when you want to move fast, to be targeted. … I know there’s a lot of good things in the stimulus bill. … But I hope, you know, we can target it better,” he said.
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Timothy Bair

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Feb 17, 2021
Those selling the panic...are selling the vaccines....and own the patents

How many knew that NIH has a "PRIVATE FOUNDATION" One of the largest contributors being Bill Gates and Big Pharma and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation⁉️

Fauci used his office at NIH to fund Wuhan bioweapons lab...$3.7 million dollars



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