Book on Pandemic China and a Host of Important Topics

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DCF Press

New Member
Feb 24, 2021
Hello folks!

While 2020 marched on, one started to collect data, and analysis on a host of issues facing our country. I decided to put that into book form.
I realized I could never get the publication approvals for the images, collected, but I am glad for those that will read the book - as presented - at this location: Operation Virus free to download as a PDF.
My apologies if the editing is not up to expectations.
I tried to be fair and critical too on Trump. I support him and feel he got obstructed, but I realize he made errors (like all of us) in dealing with his enemies and so-called "allies." I also disagree with him, particularly on vaccines.
I may entertain a further update - I did 2 other revisions, pre-election - but this delved into election fraud only lightly.
One included links to Peter Navarro's reports and have posted those on my website:


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