Breaking News About Antifa Arrest

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We are a constitutionally based country. Anyone who represents a dissenting position by act or ideology, therefore, may be defined as seditious and or treasonable both by individual and or organization. All
forms of representation by political, organizational or individual are subject to this basis of validity to be
warrant as compliant to the Constitution or seditious to this same Constitution.
As there are ongoing allegations of the validity of the vote and continuous validation to this effect yet
blocked ,The Constitutional guarantee of the voting integrity cannot be completed therefore protocols
need to be adhered to and not blocked. A block is a seditious and treasonous act by the judicial, legislative
and or the Executive Branch of Government. The rule of Law prevails subsequent to the Constitution.
The Office of the President is the only Branch of Government that is authorized to intervene when circumstances are at odds to the Constitutional prerequisite. He shall envoke A State of Emergency
to Martial Law to reinstate the vote in accordance to Federal and States voting Laws.
Any and all individuals and or organizations of the US Government discovered in abuse of their office
may be subject to legal ramifications.
The President can call for a re-election and assign the armed forces to allow all voting protocols to be in place in every state and voting pole where the integrity of the vote is in question.
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