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Throughout the last two years, I have reposted this several times across the internet and to every Senator and Representative in my state of SC: ... In order to avoid 99% of fraudulent activities in future elections, our entire country needs to go back to paper ballots. As a former Novell Network Engineer, I know, first hand, that computer technology will, always, be subject to hacking; no matter how much security and various other protection has been put into place or added to any network. Information technology changes on a, daily, basis and worldwide hacking will never cease. We need to remove all election computer hardware and software, in each state across the country, and go back to a manual paper voting system with strict constitutional guidelines, procedures, and bipartisan validations in conjunction with any mail-in-voting. We need to ensure that each and every individual ’right to vote’ is not compromised in any way, shape, or form! 🇺🇸
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Mar 2, 2021
President Trump tweeted a screen shot from Elections Canada that stated Canada uses only paper ballots. Are there any specific reasons why that can't scale up for American elections? Perhaps the answer is "no" but the issue is each State must decide for themselves on machines or no machines. So if you want your State to ban machines then I guess that starts at (you guessed it) the precinct level.

Is it a matter of national security? Arguably! Maybe the machine ban would require an amendment to the Constitution.?.

Who really benefits from the machines anyway? Besides the companies that make the hw /sw, one idea I heard is that Big Television loves them because it makes election night a huge ratings $$$ bonanza...

machines? Foreign adversaries, Fraudsters, and Fake News love them!:mad:


Either will provide a fairer election, unless the Democrats pass HR1 which will be the end of our country!

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