Bring Them ALL To Justice (Karl Denninger)

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Feb 11, 2021
Karl relates a 14 year frustration familiar to all of us here - the uneven application of The Rule of Law.

Go read this article again.

Then go read the list of lies.

Now consider this; it is a stunning indictment of everything that has been done over the last year..

7/1,000 times an asymptomatic spread event in an infected person's own home occurred -- which is about the closest contact imaginable. There is no asymptomatic spread of consequence. Not ever in history for a pandemic and not this time either.

Now go read this article -- from 2016.

You have four tabs open, right?

I have spent my entire independent journalistic career, since 2007, writing about the lack of a Rule of Law for those in "protected" positions -- including specifically the entire medical industry.

This industry has through rank corruption managed to lever itself from 3-4% of GDP to 20%.

One dollar in five spent in this country is extorted by these ghouls.

That is now medical spending is five hundred percent of what it was just a few decades ago as a share of the economy.

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