-- BUSTED -- Sir Nigel Graham Knowles Director That Controls All Elections Systems Of Dominion Worldwide And Smartmatic - Sequoia Hart -- Article --

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Feb 13, 2021

----- Sir Nigel Graham Knowles was a founding director of SGO Smartmatic that controls all election systems, including Dominion, worldwide – the various company names (Smartmatic, Hart InterCivic, Sequoia, Premier, Diebold, ES&S) are a shell game since they all have common Optech software

Sir Nigel Graham Knowles conspires with major auditors to hide his global treachery on behalf of The Prince’s Trust, including Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Deloitte, BDO, Ernst & Young and KPMG

Sir Nigel Graham Knowles. Lead Trustee of The Prince's Trust, SGO Smartmatic (Dominion), longtime chairman of DLA Piper, British Pilgrims Society handler for the pretenders Biden and Harris. Conspires with all "Big Four" public accounting firms to hide the conspiracy to takeover the American Republic by the British Empire.

Sir Nigel Graham Knowles. (Compiled Feb. 09, 2021). Biography and Timeline. Anonymous Patriots.

Knowles runs The Prince’s Trust, including in America, and does the bidding of the Crown and the Privy Council, directed by the Pilgrims Society

Knowles groomed Kamala Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff at DLA Piper for the Pilgrims Society – now folks, start saying “Pilgrims Society” – the name that cannot be named!

Therefore, Sir Nigel Graham Knowles is the British imperial handler of the Pretenders in the White House

Knowles' hidden family helped cement the treasonous intelligence sharing “special relationship” at the end of WWII

Jane Sullivan Roberts, wife of Knight of Malta Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., is a personnel recruiter for DLA Piper controlled by Knowles

The so-called “great reset” should really be named “Build Back British”

THE Knowles --------- DLA Piper employed Peter Comey, brother of FBI James B. Comey

Sir Nigel-directed companies include DLA Piper (auditor: Deloitte), SERCO/SGO Smartmatic (auditor: KPMG), Prince’s Trust America/QintetiQ (auditor: PricewaterhouseCoopers), Wellcome Trust/DLA Piper (auditor: Deloitte), Investec (auditor: Ernst & Young, director Lord Mark Malloch-Brown).
In other words, the “Big Four” audit firms are conspiring with Sir Nigel Knowles, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, The Pilgrims Society and The Prince’s Trust in open treason and espionage against the United States Republic.

The Prince’s Trust “Roll of Patrons” include Barclay’s Bank, Dell, Apple, Google, HSBC, Accenture, CapGemini, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Marriott, BAE, Clear Channel, Ricoh, American Airlines, Allianz, Amazon, AT&T, Baillie Gifford, Bloomberg, Boeing, DLA Piper, Facebook, HP, Joules (John Podesta), NBC, Qualcomm, NTT Data, Oracle, Rolls Royce, RBC, TikTok and Worldpay.

Knowles’ family reaches back to the beginnings of mass communications, propaganda, Victorian satanic spiritism-scientism, fascist banking and resource stripping, and vaccines as a weapon of war by the mid-1800s ----- KNOWLES K-Street is the metonym for lobbyists and NGOs in Washington

Gabriel, McKibben. (Feb. 22, 2021). The British Pilgrims Society Has Taken Over The White House. ARTICLE BY American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation.

THE PILGRIMS SOCIETY — who borrowed the Mayflower Pilgrims name to confuse Americans—was founded in London in 1902 to promote the “special relationship” (their term) between Britain and the United States.

The Pilgrims Society has organized various subsidiary activities to confuse the unsuspecting and keep the focus off of them, but rest assured, they are the mother lode, operating from the London office of the Privy Council. Those names include the English-Speaking Society, Royal Over-Seas League, Atlantic Council, Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group, Davos World Economic Forum, Trilateral Commission, Aspen Institute, United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations among them.

American taxpayers provide substantial funding for this treachery via USAID, OPIC (renamed U.S. International Development Finance Corporation [DFC]), U.S. Export–Import Bank and similar unaccounted-for money laundering schemes for political insiders using British offshore banks.

The Pilgrims Society founders included Lord Rothschild, Lord Rosebery (inheritor of N.M. Rothschild & Sons, former Prime Minister), Prince Albert (Edward VII), Cecil Rhodes posthumously, Queen Victoria posthumously, Lord Burnham (Daily Telegraph), Lord Pirbright (Henry de Worms), Henry Wellcome (Wellcome Trust), Lord Northcliffe (Daily Mail), Winston Churchill, Sir Harry Brittain, Guglielmo Marconi, John Buchan, W.T. Stead and many more.

They were formed to carry out Cecil Rhodes’ 200-year dream for the world to be controlled by an imperial corporatist new world order controlled by London and Washington, D.C. British Privy Councilor Rhodes insisted that America had to be brought back into the British Empire for his scheme of English-speaking hegemony to work. The Pilgrims laid out a 24-step strategy to achieve this—a strategy still being carried out today.

Here are eleven notable Pilgrims Society's strategies:

  1. Increase the power of the President and diminish the powers of Congress.
  2. Supreme Court revised to embrace judges agreeable to absorption by Britain and hostile to the Senate.
  3. Supreme Court precedent must disempower the Senate.
  4. Use propaganda to attack Senators and Congressmen who oppose absorption by Britain.
  5. Allow America to win some disputes with Britain to appear independent.
  6. Use treaties to fuse American and British interests.
  7. Exchange naval officers
  8. Pamper the wives and daughters of prominent Americans in London.
  9. Lavish Americans with titles, knighthoods, etc.
  10. Lavish honors to any American who favors (British) “peace”
  11. Americans suspicious of British propaganda about “peace” should be ostracized in propaganda.
The Prince’s Trust was founded by a young Prince Charles on the Jun. 22, 1976. In 1999, it received a royal charter and Sir Nigel Knowles was his chief founding trustee.

If you are still disbelieving these facts, know that Jane Sullivan Roberts, wife of Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., is employed by DLA Piper for executive recruitment, and Sir Nigel was the DLA Piper chairman when Jane Roberts took on DLA Piper as a client. This allowed John Roberts to use his wife as his gopher.
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