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New Member
Feb 12, 2021
Mr. Bannon, You mentioned that Newsom is being recalled due to the Pandemic. This is only partly true. We have been trying to recall him for a couple of years. He negated our first attempt by saying not enough voters qualified and yet there were no public stats. We pay for illegals to get welfare, housing, health, etc etc etc. Our taxes and gas are high due to his policies. The "bullet train" to nowhere is way over budget and just a money laundering scheme to fill the "elite" pockets. A home was purchased for him (which should belong to the state), The list of wrong doings is so long I cannot begin to list them all. He is a con.


Jan 21, 2021
The only problem with recalling Gruesome Newsom is that you get the next stage of dictatorship earlier. In Commiefornie things can only get worse. Recalling Davis brought RINO Ahnie, a total failure who also should have undergone Total Recall. Only two big beautiful nukes on LA and SF would bring instant relief.

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