Central Authority of the Empire

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Senior Member
Feb 7, 2021
I, someone who has done a lot of historical research over the years, find the period from 1945 to 1955 as the transformation of the government in
Washington DC into a Mr. Hyde-like persona, resembling a crack or meth addict bent and twisted beyond recognition, groveling in the fecal filth of lobbyists
and the putrid vomit of special interests. I choose words carefully to be accurate, but reserved. Simple words can never describe it, but here goes....

Truman spearheaded the Bureaucratic Surveillance State.

Darkness descended upon Washington the likes of which had never before been seen in this country.
The scope, breadth, and depth of change after WW2 upon the national system of government was astoundingly.

Cloaked in a mystery, changes were made which have no moral or ethical foundation. It's as though the evils found in Germany became the
US Government's Standard Operating Procedures. Drawing on, it seems, revelations gleaned from the defeated Nazi Party, our national government
began to consider, then employ those types of tactics against the American People. The syphilis trials in the 50's to name one.

It's utterly incomprehensible why such sickness and depravity was embraced by the federal government. Becoming more depraved year by year to bring
in state-sponsored torture in 2003, the BSS continued and went further than any other administration when Generalissimo Obama was foolishly ushered in.
We know about that stench more and more every day - Comey and Brenen, two friends of the feculent federal state with, of course, the FBI another bureau
of miasmic evils to no end. But, wait there's more.

Today, taking form in the shrill whimpering of today's Left brings us their Marxism - another system of evil - another flawed pile of Old-World crap
worse than Nazism. With 10s of millions of deaths and murders brought by the likes of Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot hell bent with Marxism and Communism
those of today seem to want to continue with such Evils of the past for our future.

These kids today can not even think for themselves, but must borrow from the dead white people of Europe.
Come on Man, at least create an American system if you're going to screw the People, but no it's the same Old-World crap.

Do we allow them to continue?
Will we fight against what is not American?
Can decent people overcome an Empire such as ours ?
Might those who care, rise, claim, engage, and remove the Emperor?
What needs to be done to end the rein of terror and its infectious nature?

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