Chemtrails COVID-19 Aerosolized Viruses Done by The U.S. Military Biological Weapons Program ( GOD GENE )

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Feb 13, 2021

===== BEWARE! ===== Every Type of COVID-19 Vaccine Has This Very Secret and Sinister Purpose
FUNVAX: Globalist Plot to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine Exposes Shocking Satanic Conspiracy

Chemtrails have been used to deliver both respiratory viruses and aerosolized vaccines for years.

Here’s the main reason why the NWO globalist

cabal is dead set on mandating a global COVID-19 vaccination program with immunity certificates.

No, it has nothing to do with vaccine-induced immunity

being the only way to control this wholly manufactured

pandemic and staged panic triggered by their bioengineered

novel coronavirus, which has been stealthily disseminated throughout 5G-intensive urban areas around the world.

In 2005, a highly classified presentation was given to DoD officials and military brass at the Pentagon about the top-secret FunVax Program.


There are at least 3 essential takeaways from that extremely revealing and radioactive presentation made by an experienced bioweapon scientist who appeared to be the point man for the FunVax project. As follows:

(1) The U.S. Military biological weapons program has been creating a vaccine that is specifically formulated to immunize targeted individuals and populations against the expression of the God gene, also known as vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2). The suppression of VMAT2 has been a primary goal of US biological weapon laboratories for decades with the ostensible purpose of neutralizing terrorists who act on their religious fanaticism. However, the real goal is to inoculate people the world over against the inclination toward spiritual pursuits and/or mystical experiences (see the screenshot below). Some deep insiders have even surmised that the real purpose of the FunVax is to permanently stunt soul development.


(2) The most practical form that a VMAT2 vaccination program can take in light of the necessity for extreme secrecy is a respiratory virus, which could be covertly released throughout any city or nation or region of the world. This would eliminate the problem posed by those societies that are averse to vaccinations administered by injection. Religious cultures, in general, are increasingly fearful of the true intention behind immunization shots. Many folks have not only experienced and/or witnessed adverse vaccine side effects, they are also rightly skeptical of their efficacy.

(3) The proposed FunVax vaccine would be aerosolized in a manner similar to the systematic, wide area and indiscriminate spraying of chemtrails over the unsuspecting population below. Because the U.S. Armed Forces have forever denied the existence of chemtrails, most citizenries have been conditioned to falsely believe they are contrails. In this way, aerosolized vaccines can be furtively administered to the citizenry of any nation that illicitly permits chemical geoengineering operations.


*For an in-depth discussion of the FunVax vaccine, as well as the VMAT2 gene also known as the God gene, the following detailed investigation provides numerous scientific facts that lend a high degree of credence to the existence of this U.S. military bioweapon program

KEY POINT: The FunVax was initially framed as a military strategy to neutralize terrorists throughout the Middle East. It took the U.S. Military 7 years to deploy that particular bioweapon which manifested mainly in Saudi Arabia as Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) from 2012 through 2020. South Korea, another country with a large American military presence which undergoes constant chemtrailing, also suffered a substantial MERS outbreak in 2015.

~ MERS is just one example of an “aerosolized vaccine” delivered via chemtrails that specifically targeted the militant Wahhabi sect of Islam in Saudi Arabia from 2012 to 2020. The Wahhabi terrorist network was created by NATO and the Military & Intelligence Communities of the Zio-Anglo-American Axis just like ISIS was in the Northern Levant. ~ Viruses

International Banking Cartel & Crime Syndicate

The far-reaching ramifications of the Pentagon’s FunVax bioweapon program are as vast as they are highly consequential for the human race.

Were the American people to become aware of this repugnant ploy to snuff out spiritual pursuit and religious zeal throughout the body politic, the Department of Defense would be defunded in a D.C. flash before it was shuddered for good. Folks in all 50 states would immediately stop paying their taxes before they seriously contemplated a controlled demolition of the Pentagon.

But how did this really happen?

There is a multi-decade criminal conspiratorial plot afoot to collapse the American Republic that commenced in earnest at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, the United States Department of War, now called the Department of Defense, was completely taken over with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. From that point forward, every global cataclysmic event was meticulously planned, coordinated, executed and covered up by the same genocidal tribe that owns and operates the International Banking Cartel & Crime Syndicate (IBCCS).

The Armenian Genocide,

World War I,

Bolshevik Revolution,

Spanish Flu Genocide,

The Great Depression,

World War II,

The Holocaust,

9/11 Terrorist Attacks,

The War on Terror,

and COVID-19 Pandemic

all have one thing in common.

They were all funded by the

International Banking Cartel & Crime Syndicate. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- OPERATION COVID-19 MODEL AGENDA

(1) COVID-19 Bioweapon

(2) 5G Roll-outs & Existing 4G

(3) Annual Flu Vaccines

(4) Chemtrail Aerosols

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