Chicago Mayor: Police Opposing Vax Mandate "Trying to Induce an Insurrection"

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Well-known Member
Feb 15, 2021
She hasn't seen an insurrection nor does she know what one is. Obeying unethical and unconstitutional orders is patriotic, not career killing. I guess she thinks that the German WW II officers who obeyed orders to kill innocent Jews were good men. She has no clue about the US Constitution yet claims to be holier than thou about oaths and orders. F-U bitch, it is you who is the problem!


Senior Member
Jan 10, 2021
113 much LONGER must the city of Chicago........ENDURE this unbelievable... despicable P. O. S.........???????....'m so DONE.... with these UGLY (INSIDE AND OUT)......ridiculous MORONS.
GO.....the flip.....AWAY.

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