China and the final arms race in high technology

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Jun 15, 2021

"The fact is, it doesn't matter how many black military development programs the United States has: if China gets it act together, the United States most likely is not going to win economically in the long run. The U.S. only has 320 million citizens, so as long as access to natural resources will not be an issue for China, it will overtake the U.S. economy as the largest in the world. And with that China will be able to outspent the United States several times over in military spending, research & development, black programs, political influence, covert operations and everything else.

China's J-20 (top) and FC-31 stealth fighter designs, the latter a virtual copy of the F-22. The designs don't rival their American counterparts, but this could well change in the future depending on economic fortunes.
On top of that, China maintains a large, tightly-knit and highly-educated population in America. Chinese are being educated by the thousands at MIT, Stanford and Caltech. Some take their knowledge back to China to help copy Russian and American military hardware. Many others remain in the United States where they can be loyal citizens, but just as well be used for industrial spying. Put a lot of foreigners in key black programs and leaks to the homeland are going to ensue. That's just a simple fact of life, whether it involves Jews, Chinese, or Arabs. With the Chinese, successful industrial spying, for example, happened with the F-35 program.

Luckily for the West though, due to the primitive and dictatorial nature of communist regimes, the economic policy of China is even more reckless' than America's. The country might well be heading for the recession of the ages. However, America's debt is also exploding. And over the decades China will still have the population numbers with high numbers of very educated individuals.

So, what is more important than efficiently running your country's black programs? That would be to have the biggest economy on the planet by a wide margin, so that no other country has the financial ability to reproduce domestically-produced high technology that came at a very high cost. The United States can't do this alone. Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Japan, South Korea and the European Union will all have to chip in. And even then China might be able to compete, not to mention India in the long run. Together these countries contain almost three billion citizens, more than twice that of the West.

The only "plus" here is that both the West and China, and soon India as well, are suffering from a graying of the population due to sharply declining birth rates, so much will come down to how they will be able to navigate this 21st century crisis, preferably without bringing in immigrants from the most religiously extremist, crime-ridden regions of the world - and certainly in case of Africa: the lowest genetic IQs on the planet. Even African-Americans, who are on average 27% white, are vastly underrepresented in the IT world and have never won a Nobel prize for the sciences, apart from a single one in economics - this while the Jews, at 2% of the U.S. population instead of 11%, make up 25-50% of these Nobel prizes. If you're looking to win a high-technology arms race with China or India, these are factors to take into account, because genetic IQs in most of North-East Asia simply are higher than those in the Middle East, Latin American and certainly Africa."

A point is made that the constant relentless Washington corruption and waste at the Pentagon is a massive military weakness, not simply immoral and criminal. The waste and inefficiency prevents weapons systems from being completed or even developed at a time when the unoriginal bugmen of china continue to imitate their way to undeserved success -- all paid for on easy credit terms from Wall Street.

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