China Likely to Launch Attack to Test Biden Before End of Summer

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Well-known Member
Feb 11, 2021
Houston, TX
We need to take the initiative first.
Lets make biden take all of chinas money and this time we'll cut him in for a piece of our action. biden works for us now& he has to do what we all say.
China has strict liability for what leaks out of its illegal biowarfare engineering lab and biden must make them pay us every dollar of profits lost, every expense, payments to surviving family members and punitive damages, Now!!
So far this is like if china spilled oil all over florida, georgia, alabama& louisiana, devastated those coastal communities, economies, killed thousands of wildlife& contaminated peoples land& drinking water& obama reacted like "i dont care."
Even democrats will wholly agree that china's first damage payment of $12trillion to us is due now!! Or asset forfeiture and decoupling NOW!!

Biden: make china pay us money Now!!
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New Member
Mar 2, 2021
You will know the War with China has started when the ATMs quit working. And, your debit card won't function, either.
Consider having a stockpile of food and cash. Even a pack of checks is preferable to nothing.

Timothy Bair

Senior Member
Feb 17, 2021

Roger Kimball, Editor and Chief of The New Criterion:

Weakness is provocative. It's very likely that there will be a kinetic incident in China and the South China Sea before the end of summer.


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