China started threatening as soon as Biden was elected...Taiwan and Australia suffering

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Well-known Member
Jan 19, 2021

As soon as Biden was president elect after the 3rd, China destroyed / stopped 7 export industries of wood exports...tonnes and tonnes sitting in China ports they will not pay for as they reckon there is a ANT in they are putting pressure on the country to not be an Ally of the US...they already own a lot of land, farming and dairy etc. and still trying to buy up big..luckily the government is starting to stop them and banned Hauwei too.

China tweeted a pic an army officer with a knife to a kids head...!! was not taken down off twitter..

The airforce is in daily practice mode preparing for Taiwan and more....

China has access to the US power grid.......thats concerning....

So yes the US electing of China Biden affects the world....

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