Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2020 shows

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Dec 25, 2020
The Christmas Eve show on 12/24/2020 with Rabbi Spero was superb. Steve, you were correct to equate Ken Blackwell and Rabbi Spero.

Additionally, your Christmas show on 12/25/2020 that had Patrick O'Donnell relate history of the Christmas 1950 Marines miraculous march to safety from the Chosin Reservoir, North Korea; the steadfastness of the US Army troops in Dec 1944-January 1945 both in the Hurtgen Forest, Germany; Battle of the Bulge in Belgium; and the desperate action by George Washington to save the Revolution on Dec 25-26, 1776 by having crossed the Delaware River and subsequent battles were riveting to hear. I thank you for presenting such fascinating history that I find humbling and honor those who served so bravely. This Christmas show was a gift to me and fabulous!

My only disappointment about the Christmas history was that you forgot to continue to question Mr. O'Donnell about Elbridge Gerry who was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and later Vice-President. Your guest and you insinuated that you had some intriguing information about Mr. Gerry about his importance to the Revolution, then you took a short commercial break, but never addressed the Elbridge Gerry story. I would be most appreciative if you could address the import of Mr. Gerry. The cursory research that I conducted about Mr. Gerry does not relate anything of import that your guest and you would certainly have belied.

On other point about the terrible winter weather about which you aptly stated as to the effect on the above battles and but for a slight difference in the respective winter weather, the aforementioned battles could have had radically different results--perhaps worse outcomes that would have changed US History.

One weather matter that saved the US was in the War of 1812 that occurred after the British sacked and burned the White House--then gray in color, US Capitol under construction, and the Library of Congress on August 24, 1814. The US forces in Washington, DC fled and President James Madison fled to safety as the British took over Washington, DC. After the destruction of buildings and pillaging Washington, DC, the British could have chased the US military forces and destroyed them.

What is described as perhaps providential intervention transpired that saved the US forces, and perhaps the USA from defeat and an end to the USA as an independent nation reverting again as a British colony. After the sacking of Washington, DC on 08/24/1814, a terrible storm hit the Washington, DC, Northern VA, and Maryland areas. This storm some equated as a hurricane. This putative hurricane created such havoc and destruction for the British that the British could not chase the US military forces that fled Washington, DC to destroy the remnants of the US Military forces that would most likely have ended the USA.

This incredible horrific storm that seemingly came out of nowhere a day or two after August 24, 1814 saved the USA! I attribute this hurricane like storm to providential intervention! --What else could it be?

I have viewed the WAR ROOM every day since the disgrace of the Nov 3, 2020 election. I cannot tolerate FOX and its betrayal of Donald Trump. I esteem Raheem, Jack Maxie, Maggie, Jack P., you, et al for furnishing truth. Also, Steve I like that you have your guests interviewed for 10-20 minutes unlike Fox hosts that have a guest, let the guest speak for 2 minutes at the most, and end the interview abruptly to go to its never-ending commercials. The guest wasted his/her time because nothing could be detailed; going to those damn 5-minute commercial breaks is about which all that matters to Fox.

By the way, besides the War Room, I now view OAN and NEWSMAX. I refuse to watch the backstabbers at FOX who betrayed President Trump. I am a proud deplorable and shall forever remain so than transmogrify into an elitist traitor.

Finally, I thank all of you profusely for being a voice of decency and integrity that opposes mightily the leftist prevaricators whose presence is also a horrific pandemic for the left's messages poison the minds of gullible listeners and even low information, decent intentioned listeners.
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