CIA colluding with CCP!

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Jan 9, 2021
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Feb 7, 2021
You can’t make this stuff up.

Yes, we know, and thank you for bringing it up.
Disgusting how little anyone anywhere is bothered enough to speak up publicly about the crimes committed against all of us.
Crimes against our system continue without a pause.
We seek those elected at each level, but ...... silence.

These places here, of news keep repeating just the news, without regard to actual methods of correcting the wrongs. I wrote about this very subject 9 years ago, and I do it again. I offer ways for people to become People, then PEOPLE, but if no one wants to bother themselves past a few silly words here and here - It's no wonder there's ......... silence or apathy.
However, I'll continue to promote a tool of FORCE .... wait, wait, Non-Violent Action for the details.
And, here for info on the progressives -
All other vectors of engagement are Fine, but there's more that can be done, which is Non-Violent Action - melded with what Trumpters have already done will amplify our voices and actions to cause the change desired - legally so without violence.

For the violently inclined, I will stay away from that effort. I don't encourage using that method. But, of course, if I'm ever confronted by some to such a point, I'll use an appropriate response. However, let no one misconstrue these words to render then to mean I advocate violence. Self-Defense is one thing.
Group-Defense or defending a group in action is done differently. Peace

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