Constitutional Oath of Office violated by democrats

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New Member
Mar 3, 2021
The Democrat party is not anyone's party of old, it is a treasonous renegade party seeking to take over control of our country permenently under socialist then communist governance.
I have been looking carefully into the options we the people may have to save our country, our constitution and our rights before too much dam age is done by ilegal immigration. I have written several posts lately regarding the oaths of office that are taken upon a person's entering public office and the oath they have swore, such an oath as is required in gov offices, military and law enforcement. If any one who is reading this had an opportunity to be a cosigner of a group of cosigners and by being a cosigner I mean as a citizen of the United states victimized by politicians breaching their oath office and in so doing violating or taking away our constitutional rights from citizens or shredding the constitution to introduce socialism to replace the constitution. How many American citizens would consider taking part to try and stop this coup against our president which is continuing today to strip the constitution of its authority and vothers of ther rights. This isn't about President trumps cases. This is us trying to save our country from treasonous politicians attempts at socialism against and in opposition to our rights and the peoples will.
What version of America will your children and grandchildren to grow up living in? I really need to hear comments from the War Room also on this. I have discovered such complaints can start in the ethics and Reform committees and Investigations are handled through the FBI (I know) but I believe these violations of office and the constitution and our rights can be frozen quicker by group type of complaint against a number of democrat office holders as a conspiracy to overthrow ghost our constitutional government which is illegal but we the people must begin the action. WarRom, please comment because this will reguire your help also.

Republican Leader James Comer of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, aggressively advocates for reducing waste, fraud and abuse in government can be contacted in Washington, DC at Phone: (202) 225-3115

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