Convention of States is what used to be called a Constitutional Convention and is Dangerous

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Mar 16, 2021
Experienced some confusion yesterday by the reference to the Convention of States which is actually a renaming of the "Constitutional Convention". (I am one of the older generation who was made to study our Bill of Rights & Constitution intensely as a special project while in eighth grade.)
While I can understand why many might fall for the perceived & promoted benefits as a "fix" for our runaway Congress, be aware that this is an extremely dangerous action. Don't you fall for it! If you enable this "Convention of States" to take place by not raising voice against it, then you are unwittingly playing into the Globalist agenda and the downfall of our Constitution.
This proposed Convention of States carries deep undercurrents that many are unaware of. It's a riptide that can destroy this republic. Don't be fooled! Our very Constitution is at stake. Don't gamble it and the rights of our citizens against a perceived "quick fix" for a corrupted Congress.
If a Convention of States is convened, there will be hell of pay as the dangers that surround Article V have specific dangers that the unsuspecting public is unaware of.

The uninformed are being unsuspectingly lead by the media. I see it as a patriotic responsibility, to make the time, sort it out, attempt to learn and inform our brethren of the hidden dangers which come so cleverly masked and manipulated from behind the scenes.
When first reading some of the posts, my immediate reaction was alarm as I was concerned that there might be some "Judas goats" amongst us. Reason being that historically, most organizations eventually become infiltrated by opposition influencers (spies). Or maybe they just were superficially looking for a fix to correct & limit the misdeeds that have taken place. I remain suspicious and am alarmed by the rhetoric. Don't be lead down the path to death by ignorance!
"Simply put, an Article V constitutional convention is a dangerous and uncontrollable process that would put Americans’ constitutional rights up for grabs."
Please read about this for yourself, as I did this morning by taking a look at the Common Cause website from which it came:
I ask "How much do you trust your government?"

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