CoreCivic fires back after President Biden targets private prison contracts with executive order

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Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
Biden just shut down all privately owned prisons with a stroke of a pen. Which means MORE JOB LOSSES and federal prisons being overran which makes it more dangerous for the staff and prisoners. And possibly they will let out prisoners as there may be no room, so more criminal activities.

Nashville-based CoreCivic joined other private prison operators Tuesday in firing back at President Joe Biden's accusations of bad management and prisoner mistreatment.

Biden moved to relocate roughly 14,000 federal prisoners held in privately-owned facilities to government properties, in one of a series of executive orders rolling back Trump administration policies.

He has not yet laid out a plan for new housing accommodations.

But CoreCivic officials said the order may not be necessary since U.S. inmate populations have been steadily declining for years.

"Today’s announcement was no surprise considering the agency’s diminished need for capacity," said CoreCivic spokesman Steve Owen. "Our efforts are fully aligned with the administration's goal to prioritize rehabilitation and redemption."

Private prisons contract with states, counties and the federal government. They house only about 9% of federally-convicted inmates incarcerated in the U.S.

Biden rebuked CoreCivic and other longtime government partners for skimping on safety and inmate rehabilitation programs to boost their corporate profits.

"To decrease incarceration levels, we must reduce profit-based incentives to incarcerate by phasing out the federal government’s reliance on privately operated criminal detention facilities," Biden said, in the order. "Privately operated criminal detention facilities consistently underperform federal facilities with respect to correctional services, programs, and resources."


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