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New Member
Feb 22, 2021
July 2015 - February 2017
ZC45 & ZXC21 Bat coronavirus are discovered and isolated by military research laboratories in the third military medical University Chongqing China and the research institute for medicine of Nanjiing Command China.

Dr Zhengli and Dr Fang Li(who was funded by NIAID)

The genetic evidence within the spike gene of COVID-19 genome( Restriction sites flanking the Receptor binding motif,tandem rare codons used at the inserted furin cleavage site) Suggests that the COVID-19 genome is a byproduct of genetic manipulation.

If coronavirus does indeed come from natural evolution, its receptor binding motif Could only have been acquired in one of two possible routes:
1 An ancient recombination event followed by convergent evolution or
2 A natural recombination event that occurred fairly recently.

To date, no proper host exists for the recombination to take place.
The animal reservoir could not be bats because the ACE2 Proteins in bats are not homologous enough to human ACE2 and therefore the adaptation would not be able to yield an RBM (receptor binding motif) sequence as seen in COVID 19.

To engineer and create a human targeting coronavirus they would have to pick a bat coronavirus as the template/back bone. This can be conveniently done because many research labs in Hong Kong and mainland China have been actively collecting bad coronavirus' over the past 2 decades.

Once they have chosen a template virus they would first need to engineer, through molecular cloning, the spike proteins so it could bind to human ACE2. These molecular cloning techniques have been well documented in the scientific literature.

Second they would use molecular cloning to introduce a furin - cleavage site at the S1/S1 junction of the spike protein .

Third, they would produce an ORF1b gene construct to produce individual viral proteins: RNA - dependent RNA POLYMERASE(RdRp)which is the replication machinery of the virus.

Fourth they would use reverse genetics to assemble the gene fragments of the spike 0RF1B and the rest of the template ZC 45 into a DNA version of the viral genome. They would then carry out in vitro transcription to obtain the viral RNA genome. Transfection Add the RNA genome into cells would allow the recovery of live and Infectious viruses with the desired artificial genome.

Fifth they would carry out characterization and optimization of the virus strain to improve the fitness, infectivity, and overall adaptation using Serial passages in vivo. One of several viral strains that meet certain criteria would then be obtained as the final product.Serial passage is a quick and intensive process where the adaptation of the virus is accelerated. (Serial passage might not have removed all signs of artificial manipulation.)

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