Covid Bill Being Read in Congress Today

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New Member
Mar 4, 2021
I was watching C-Span today as they showed the Republicans asking for the covid bill to be read beginning to end. It was apparent to me right out of the gate that the Democrats want to rush this bill through because it's packed with racism. That's right. I read a story about Warnock bragging about his part in making sure that blacks got reparations in this covid bill. Well, it's in there folks. Might be disguised as something else, but it's in there. Relief is going to go to people of color and whites are being left out or pushed to the end of the line. Read it yourself and you'll see a lot of shocking things that Democrats don't want the American people to know about. Democrats intend to make anyone of color rich, or richer, while they throw a bone here and there to white people, and make us pay for reparations for something we had nothing to do with. I'm outraged that Democrats are going to pass this bill, with or without Republican support. I've written to my senator and demanded action in the form of a lawsuit against Biden and Congress for their racism against whites. If people of color are going to get relief from this bill in the millions and billions of dollars, then it needs to go equally to all people. Wake up and read through the covid bill. This is a bill that should be scrapped and rewritten by someone with a brain. It should be brought forward to the people just what is in this bill besides a lot of pork spending. Why isn't the news media talking about this more? We have to stop the racism that invades everything today. We have so many things going on that need attention, but it all started out of the cry of "black racism" and has continued to grow into cancel culture, opening borders, reparations, and lots more.

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